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San Rafael has a pretty powerful arts scene and will open in 2018 as California's 14th cultural district, which begins in October 2018. October actually marks the beginning of a new chapter in the history of the San Rafael art scene. The 4th Street neighborhood has been designated one of 14 California cultural districts and will celebrate its 10th anniversary in October 2018 with the opening of the first Art Art Art Art Gallery and Art Museum. The fast-growing Audio Story Tellers will also celebrate their first year of operation by moving from their current location in San Francisco to their new location at the corner of 3rd and 5th Streets.

San Rafael's Fourth Street is full of restaurants, bars, shops, cafes, restaurants and other local shops. Downtown San Rafael also has a number of home furnishing stores, such as Sunrise Home at 831 B. St., which sells everything from home furnishings and furniture to home accessories and home accessories. One of my favorite places to shop for stage clothes is Bebe, a local consignment store on the corner of 4th and 5th Streets.

And yet one of my favorite places to eat in downtown San Rafael, especially after a long day of touring, is Wah Wah.

The family-owned club is plush, with a cast that includes artists such as Dixie Chicks, Elton John and many others. The restaurant - bar - slash - music bar is owned by the same family as wah wah, making it one of the oldest and most popular restaurants in San Rafael.

If no music is played, the Rostsaal is used for a Sunday morning beer with sacred music from all over the world. Every Sunday from 12 noon to 4 pm, live music (reggae, folk and rock) is played in the restaurant and at weekends.

Cooper Battani is a Marin-based roots rock cover band that plays blues, country, classical and indie rock at venues throughout the Bay Area. On their website you can find more information about the group that performed at the San Rafael Music Festival last year and about the Marin Band San Geronimo that will perform on May 26.

I love the name of the bar in downtown Sausalito and if you visit Firewheel, my favorite place, make sure you groove to their live music during their performance. When you hear other bands perform, you have to be lucky and meet some famous musicians. When you see Lesh, Bob Weir or Carlos Santana here, words are not words.

Owner Barry Lazarus explains why certain albums are valuable, why the condition of the record cover is a factor and why it shows you which one to look for. Lazarus says he gets a lot of people from San Francisco and the East Bay who come to his record store to buy an album. Jayne says it's cool to like cheap beer, and people like to come to record stores and find cheap records.

The nightlife in San Rafael is lively, but you don't have to go to San Francisco to have it all.

More and more new artists are releasing their music on vinyl, and classical records are becoming deluxe reissues like the Beatles "Sgt. Pepper. Since then, interest in independent record stores has risen again since Record Store Day began 10 years ago, an annual event celebrating the cultural center. In addition, a new record store in the heart of the city, Record City Records, has recently begun collecting vinyl.

For Marin musicians who want to experience a brick-and-mortar music store, Bananas at Large in San Rafael is the only game in town. This cozy country inn offers live music, including a second Friday jam featuring local artists like Dixie Chicks and the San Francisco Bay Area Band. Tucked away in downtown Sausalito, this nondescript dive bar is a great place for musicians to hear other musicians play, and offers live music every night.

Marin Veteran's Memorial Auditorium offers shows with the best American and international entertainment. A Marin landmark since 1972, this hall offers 300 standing room. One of the main cinemas is Art Deco - inspired, with a history dating back to the 1920s and now home to a California nonprofit film institute. Filmmakers and actors were already in the room in the 1930s and 40s.

Those with a sweet tooth and a penchant for holey stuff have probably seen the Johnny Doughnuts truck at festivals and events in Northern California. The brand also has cafes in San Francisco and Hayes Valley, but Cooper and Battani agree that that "relaxed" doesn't apply to the taste of Marin's audience. While Santa Rosa's last record store was in operation until 1983, the local record stores continue to live on at San Rafael's Red Devil Records, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

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