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To get to SFO from San Rafael, you can take the Marin Airporter, which leaves from SFFO and drops off passengers at Anderson Drive Transit Center. It is located on the south side of Anderson Road, south of the San Francisco Bay Bridge, and is just a short walk from the BART station, which is located north of San Jose International Airport and about half a mile north of Marin Airport.

To get from San Francisco to the Dominican Republic by car, you can take Highway 101 to San Rafael and then Highway 101 north to Marin. You may cross the bay at the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge and drive south on the Bay Bridge until you cross Richmond, then drive east through the East Bay Area to Santa Cruz, San Jose, Marin and Marin County.

If you include San Francisco in your vacation plans, you should be north of the Golden Gate and visit historic San Rafael. There are many historical sites in the city, such as the historic City Hall, the San Jose Museum of Art, and many of them can be easily visited on a day trip.

San Rafael was one of several California cities that evolved from the Spanish missions in the California mission chain. The Mission San Rafael Arcangel tells a very unique part of the story, and there is much to learn and visit about the old mission. Documents on the website of the Marin History Museum bring the history of San Rafael to life. It offers an overview of his history and a short history lesson on his mission history.

The mountains west of San Rafael serve as a buffer against the weather coming from the Pacific. In the past, I had never visited San Rafael for long, but I was curious to spend some time there, and the fact that it is close to the Bay of San Francisco would give me the opportunity to explore a little along the coast. I have had the pleasure of visiting Santa Cruz, San Jose, Santa Rosa, Marin County and San Mateo County, so I am very familiar with the area.

San Rafael was upgraded to full mission status in 1856 with the help of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the United States Navy. In 1857, San Rafael was upgraded to full mission status, along with San Jose, Santa Rosa, Marin County and San Mateo County, under the command of General John F. Kennedy and General William H. Halsey.

Mission San Rafael provided several valuable programs and services to the San Francisco Bay Area and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the United States Navy.

We have a unique and complex history in California that seems to be buried beneath the distractions of modern life. I will look at some of the most interesting stories about the old Spanish missions in California and delve into the history of Mission San Rafael and its role in the San Francisco Bay Area.

When the Spanish colonized California and Mexico became independent from Spain, the Mission San Rafael (Arcangel) was founded by four Spanish Franciscans in what is now San Rafael, California, just a few years after Mexico gained independence from Spain. The Spaniards moved to Marin County shortly after and founded it to treat the sick population of the San Francisco Mission, now known as St. Raphaels.

Although the young mission of San Rafael was given full mission status, it seemed to enjoy only a short existence, since plans were expressed to close the mission and move it to another location. The decision was taken to either close the Doloring mission or move it to another location and to elevate San Rafael to the status of an independent mission. After the completion of the San Francisco Mission in 1855, the Santa Rosa Mission and the Sonoma Mission were closed in favor of a new mission in Sonomas.

The dollar was donated and the new store was dedicated to the people of San Rafael and Marin County. We invite you to come and see for yourself what this store has built for you, and please donate one dollar!

The Mission of the Archangel San Rafael was founded in 1817 near San Rafael and later incorporated into the ranchlands of the Mission San Francisco. On October 19, 1822, it was declared an independent mission and became a full mission, subject to the jurisdiction of the US Army and the California State Police. Coast Miwoks who live at the Mission in San Jose have been relocated to establish a new community in Mission San Rafael with the help of Santa Clara County and Marin County.

Instead of demolishing the old parish hall, the church gave it to the San Rafael Optimists Club, which moved it to Albert Park in San Rafael, which is now home to the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors and the Marin County Board of Supervisors.

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More About San Rafael