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Just this week, arts and culture in San Rafael got a big boost with a new tribute. The California Arts Council today released its list of the state's top ten cities in cultural terms, and San Rafael has been selected as one of five states - as the Arts & Culture District of California.

San Rafael joins 13 other counties in highlighting California's leading creative economy, arts and culture and cultural diversity under a new program. San Rafael has joined 13Other Districts in joining the California Arts Council's Arts & Culture District of California program, which highlights California's leading creative economy, arts and culture, vibrant arts community and diverse cultural heritage.

The 4th Street neighborhood was designated one of 14 California cultural districts. San Rafael has a pretty powerful art scene; indeed, October is marked by the opening of Calle 24, an art and cultural center in the heart of the city. Since the 1940s, Latino culture, art, and activism have been celebrated, and today Calles 24 has the largest collection of murals in San Francisco. There are a number of events, specialty shops that keep the tradition alive.

This art district is a unique place to create and appreciate art and culture, and its partners provide opportunities for people to meet, connect and engage in the larger community. The Marin Center has a tradition of keeping the arts and culture scene alive and vibrant in San Rafael for over 40 years, bringing meaningful entertainment to San Rafael. These art districts offer unique places to create and appreciate art and culture. This is a living community with a strong sense of community and a rich history of cultural participation. The San Rafael arts partners have given us the opportunity to make art, culture and community part of the city's identity as a cultural centre where people come together and connect, connect and engage with the wider community. " These art districts offer unique places for the created and appreciated arts and cultures and a special place for the creative and creative communities.

This artist eventually triggered a series of studio openings and independent shops, and today the Downtown San Rafael Arts District serves as a hub for local business and community life. Particularly because of the presence of LucasFilm, San Rafael began to attract video game developers with several large studios in the city.

A few miles from the city center, but not to be missed is the San Rafael Arts District, home to many of the best art galleries and museums in the world. The Museum of Modern Art, the Art Institute of California and the John Wright Museum are all located here.

LSRHNA is one of the most important cultural institutions in the San Rafael art district and a great destination for art lovers of all ages.

Forget the Dominican Republic by car in San Francisco, take Highway 101 to San Rafael and cross the Fourth Wonder Mile, where the train tracks stretch from West Marin to San Rafael. US Route 101 is the city's main highway connecting Marin County and the Bay Area's largest metropolitan area. It is connected to the Golden Gate Bridge over the San Andreas River, the Marin-Contra Costa County border, and the Santa Clara River and San Mateo County lines, all just a few miles apart in each direction. It is roughly 1,000 miles long between San Marin and Marin counties and about 2,500 miles from San Jose to Marin, California's second largest metro area and one of the largest cities in California.

The Airport Express, better known as the Oakland Airporter, runs hourly from San Rafael to Oakland Airport and back, and runs every half hour. To get to San Rafael from the SFO, you can take the Marin Airorter, which departs from the SFO and drops off passengers at the Anderson Drive Transit Center.

The San Rafael Transit Center, located at the corner of 3rd and Hetherton Streets, is served by a number of bus companies, including the Marin County Transit Authority (Marin Transit) and Marin Metro Transit. The city serves as a hub for the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system and has two stations connecting it to the BART stations in Marin and San Francisco and the Oakland BART station in Oakland. In addition to the Marin bus lines that run to and from the San Rafael transit center, the city also serves a public transportation hub in San Jose. San Rafael is located in the center of the city and has fast highway access to most areas. It is adjacent to Interstate 580, Interstate 680, I-80, Highway 101, U.S. 101 and Interstate 80, along with Marin Boulevard.

San Rafael is a city with the highest crime rate in the Bay Area and the second highest in California.

With its bustling downtown area and burgeoning film and video community, San Rafael combines a peaceful environment with a stimulating lifestyle. In the historic city centre, where the artists "studios have their studios, there is a small-town flair. The city became the location for the film THX 1138, directed by George Lucas, and the location for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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