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The state agricultural insurance agent based in Alameda, CA, is looking for outgoing, career-oriented professionals to join his team. Successful state farm worker is sought as a qualified professional to join our winning team in San Francisco, California, with an emphasis on customer service.

A full-time account manager wants training and weekly bonuses at a private green electricity retailer in San Francisco, California.

If selected, the applicant must be enrolled in a POST - certified Basic Police Academy and remain at the Police College before being hired to obtain employment. After graduating from the Academy, an incumbent is sworn in as a police officer, classified in the "Security and Retirement" category, and takes his first full-time position in the San Rafael Police Department.

Candidates must complete and pass all prior appointments, including drug screening prior to appointment, and detail all related training and experience on the application used to select candidates for tests. The applicant must submit a certified written application to the Basic Police Academy of the San Rafael Police Department and submit an application that is eligible for recruitment. Candidates must submit a conditional job offer and complete a prior appointment with drug screening. The applicant must submit a certified written application and application for admission to the Police College for basic police training and Post - Academy training before applying is for recruitment, please contact the police.

If you are a local entrepreneur and looking for a contributor, please fill out a job posting on Patch using this form and look at the vacancies below to get started. You can search for jobs in the San Rafael Police Department and other local law enforcement agencies and act as a local business and owner when looking for employees.

Helping clients maintain their daily tasks is why I love what I do and why a career with Visiting Angels of San Rafael might be right for you. If you are a cheerful, reliable, compassionate person who adheres to high standards of personal responsibility, I would like to talk to you about becoming a part of the Vising Angels staff in San Francisco, San Diego or San Jose.

I understand that caring for people with dementia can be a difficult task, and that is why we are making sure that our staff are trained through the Teepa Snow Dementia Training Program. Many of our clients require that they are able to do daily activities, be it running errands, helping cook delicious meals, going on excursions or shopping trips, doing laundry, personal hygiene, housekeeping and much more. The home carers strive to help their clients stay engaged, be the people they love and share their memories.

As more health services become available and older nurses retire, the demand for registered nurses is strong due to an ageing population. There is also a general trend towards hiring nurses, as more employers prefer or even require BSN degrees. We are also in the process of offering accelerated training for BNSN for those who already have a bachelor's degree in a course of study, as well as for those who practice as RN and have a high school diploma or Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) with a focus on nursing.

The salary range varies widely depending on whether you register as an RN, BNSN, MSN or a combination of both, with a salary range of between $25,000 and $50,500 per year. We have a full-time nurse job in the San Rafael office, which costs $25 an hour. Sit down with us to understand the labour market and where you work, where you work and why?

Dementia care services are tailored to specific symptoms, risks and challenges associated with different types of dementia. Nurses work with other healthcare professionals to perform treatment, monitor and record the condition of patients as they are treated. They may have the necessary professional skills and training to deal with another type of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, dementia or other forms of cognitive impairment. Together with other health professionals, they conduct various diagnostic tests and develop patient care plans.

Must be able to perform all tasks assigned to a police officer without physical, mental or emotional restrictions that would adversely affect work performance.

Madison Reed, the person operations coordinator, will play a key role in leading the San Rafael Police Department's personal operations division. It is responsible for coordinating all layers and their tasks within the assigned location.

Before being appointed, selected candidates must present and pass a background check approved by the P.O.S.T. The recruitment test will consist of an interview with the San Rafael Police Department's Office of Personnel Management.

To become a registered nurse and obtain a state license, you must pass the P.O.S.T. test and a background check. Registered nurses may behave in a manner that meets the requirements of the California Nurses Association (C.N.A.) guidelines.